Добре дошли в хотел Арпезос

ТОП цени и обслужване в област Кърджали

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Доверете се на хотел Арпезос!

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Лукс, уют и достъпни цени

Вашият хотел за истинска почивка!

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Истински комфорт и уют

Сега е моментът да посетите Кърджали и околността

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Страхотен ресторант

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Хотел Арпезос – гр. Кърджали

Добре Дошли в хотел Арпезос!

Хотелски комплекс „АРПЕЗОС” се намира в самия център на град Кърджали, на левия бряг на река Арда, която разполовява града. От него се открива прекрасна панорамна гледка към целия град.

Защо гостите ни избират?


Мария Петрова

Обслужването беше на ниво. Бихме посетили хотела отново!


Димитър Ангелов

Ресторантът предлага богат избор, стаите бяха чисти и подредени.


Румяна Петкова

Останахме очаровани от хотел Арпезос, всичко беше на ТОП ниво!

Ресторантът към хотелския комплекс „Арпезос” е с капацитет от 80 места.
Без съмнение, най – важната особеност на ресторанта е неговата кухня. Предлагаме на нашите гости богат избор от българска, турска и европейска кухня, която ще задоволи всеки вкус, а за настроението на нашите гости сме се погрижили с музика на живо.
За безупречната организация на Вашите коктейли, работни обяди, официални тържества сме готови да Ви поканим в банкетната зала.
За повече уют може да използвате и лятната градина. Тя е с капацитет 100 места.
Разполага с барбекю, пещ за пици и детски кът. За вашето удобство ресторанта предлага безплатен интернет и  рум сервиз по стаите.

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Още за хотела

Гранд салон „Арпезос” е идеално място за провеждане на семейни и фирмени
тържества. Той е с чудесна панорамна гледка и е с капацитет от 500 места.

Къде да ни откриете

„A BIOS document is an essential component which has one aim – to produce the emulator work. The vital assignment of BIOS is to check and initialize the devices in your PC. A Playstation BIOS document is an essential component which makes your own emulator function. They will not be operating with no other. After you get into the PS1 emulator, the very first thing you will need to do would be to double-check if it comprises a scph1001-bin BIOS file in it. If you can not find it, then your emulator will not operate without it. By way of instance, ePSXe BIOS ensures your emulator functions correctly.

If you would like to enjoy your favorite PSX games, then you will need to get an emulator using SCPH1001.bin, that is the appropriate PlayStation BIOS file.

Why Is It That Emulators Want BIOS?
As we’ve previously mentioned, you’ll scarcely find an emulator which is going to be flawlessly running with no BIOS file. Let us dive into the specifics. These two are inseparable items which can not operate without one another, such as a key and a lock. When you get into the PSX emulator, assess whether it comprises BIOS. It can happen that in the testing phase, you can observe a pop up window which reveals““NO BIOS located““. If you find this message, this usually means that the incorrect BIOS kind is employed. To begin playing with your favourite PS1 games, then you have to download SCPH1001.bin.

In case you downloaded the emulator with no with a wrong BIOS file, then you need to download SCPH1001.bin individually. You may readily get it looking on Google or get from our site. Ensure that you use reliable resources which will not damage your PC. Because of some PS1 BIOS which has been downloaded and set up correctly, your emulator will probably be operating like a charm. In fact, that the PSX emulator is the quickest and among the simplest methods to return to the 90s and recall what games you played with from your childhood. To try it, you do not even have to get a gaming system, just a computer or a cellular device.

Download SCPH1001.bin out of our site or another source.

It largely comes from ZIP or RAR format so that you will need to uncompress it .

Locate’Run BIOS’ button and then click it.

EPSXe will scan your own SD card to be able to obtain the appropriate route (if needed, you can auto-configure the route ). In case the app can not locate BIOS, then you need to start Preferences – BIOS and pick the route which you want.

Click ‘Run BIOS’; when it had been properly set up, you can eventually use your emulator.

There is 1 thing that you ought to also think about. It’d be better for those who put PSX at a frequent folder on your device since in case you put it on your C drive, then you risk being limited when you attempt to get it.

Thus, you can observe this to prepare the emulator and obtain BIOS isn’t tough. You simply require a couple of minutes of the time, the ideal SCPH1001.bin and that is all!“

About pSX

This tutorial is to help you with pSX for Windows. It is a PlayStation 1 emulator that works to its peak capacity right from the box. That is great for those that don't need to bother with ePSXe's plug-in system. You can play games through the CD-ROM or via ISO. PSX was abandoned in 2007. It's still a fantastic emulator, however.

Should you use pSX?

It's PlayStation 1 emulation is fantastic. It doesn't use a plugin , so you don't need to bother using plugins to set everything up like you want to do with ePSXe. In addition, it can correct 3D gittery.

Nonetheless, what pSX must offer is friendliness with older, slower computers. In case you have an older computer, RetroArch may not run. EPSXe could run better on older computers if you tweak the plugins for low performance, but pSX is ready for older computers directly from the box.

BIOS setup

The PlayStation 1 BIOS is required in order to boot matches. This is a separate download after you've downloaded pSX.

Psx BIOS. Download by right-clicking the download link and proceed to Save Link As. After saving, rename the"_ip" file extension to"zip". If you do not find the file extension, try showing them.

Here's what to do after you download the BIOS:

  • Extract the BIOS from its zip file.
  • Open pSX. Proceed to File > Configuration, as shown below:
  • Then click the"…" button (shown below). Pick the"Scph1001.bin" BIOS file, then click Open.
  • Click on OK. Then close pSX. The next time you start pSX, it'll be ready for you load a game.


PSX is a standalone program so that it does not have an install wizard. Installation is easy: simply extract pSX from its zip file. Not sure how to extract zip files? Here's a video tutorial showing you : how to unzip files on Windows.

IMPORTANT! PSX has to be placed in a common folder on your computer. I suggest Documents, Downloads, or make a folder on your desktop. If you put pSX someplace else on your primary C drive, then you could be limiting it to unsubscribe accessibility. This prevents pSX from saving anything.

To open pSX, double-click

  • Q: I receive a lost d3dx9_26.dll mistake!

Upon launching pSX for the very first time, you may experience a"Missing d3dx9_26. Dll" error. This is an assisting document for movie capabilities with DirectX. It is missing because certain versions of DirectX don't include it. I've got this file for downloading right below.

Installing it is quick and simple:

  • Extract all the contents of this zip file and double-click DXSETUP.EXE to open the setup.
  • Click I accept > Next > Next > Finish. That's it!
  • Setting up the computer keyboard or gamepad
  • Proceed to File > Setup.
  • In the Configuration window, then click on the Controllers tab.

You will arrive at the screen shown above. Click on the button that you want to reconfigure, then press the keyboard key or gamepad button you want to change it .

Repeat the process to reconfigure all of the buttons you want to modify. Click OK when you're done.

Downloaded PlayStation 1 ISOs normally come in a ZIP, RAR, 7Z, or ECM file. The first step would be to extract it. To extract a RAR or 7Z file it is possible to use 7-Zip (it's free). To extract an ECM record see this movie.

Employing 7-Zip is simple. Just click on the RAR or 7Z file and proceed to 7-Zip > Extract Here, as revealed here.

When the ISO is extracted, now take notice of the file format of the ISO. pSX supports BIN/CUE, ISO, CCD, IMG, SUB, MDF, MDS, and CDZ. If your ISO isn't in one of these formats, then you have to download the game out of someplace else to get it in a supported format.

Next, we need to setup the memory card so that you can save. You simply have to do this once – you don't need to create a new memory card per game.

You will arrive at the display below. Type a name to the memory card. Any title.

  • Click OK when you're done.
  • Ultimately, we can load an ISO. Proceed to Document > Insert CD image.

You will arrive in the Open window. By default, pSX opens its"cdimages" folder. If you did not set your PlayStation 1 ISOs there, navigate to the folder in your computer where you have them. Click on your ISO file, then click on Open – shown here. That's it! The game won't load instantly; give it a minute.

Q: I receive a"No .cue file found" error!

  • Upon loading the ISO in BIN format, You Might get the following error:
  • No more .cue file found! Will attempt to figure format supposing single monitor

At this point, the game might or might not play. If it doesn't play, then you'd want to try downloading a BIN from anyplace comprising a CUE sheet. Or Search for non-CUE-sheet-based ISOs in the following format: ISO, CCD, IMG, SUB, MDF, MDS, and CDZ.

Loading a PSX game CD

First, we will need to setup the memory card so you can save. You only have to do this once – you do not have to create a new memory card per game.

You will arrive at the display below. Type a title to the memory card. Any title.

Click OK when you are done.

We can load your PlayStation 1 match CD. Insert it into your computer's CD drive, even if you have not already. Give it a moment for Windows to find it.

Last, go to File > Insert CD drive. This will load your game CD. The game will not load instantly; give it a moment.

The ESC key closes pSX!!

Caution!! Pressing the ESC key closes pSX! This is dangerously confusing because most video game emulators exit fullscreen mode when you press ESC. Out of habit, you could accidentally close pSX and immediately lose all your game progress.

Luckily, you may reconfigure the default keys for attributes in pSX. Here's how:

  • Proceed to File > Configuration.

Click the Misc tab. As shown here, you are able to change the ESC key to"Exit fullscreen mode".

Full screen

Only press Alt+Enter to deliver pSX to complete screen. Then press Alt+Enter again to bring it back to window mode. Take note of the above – pressing ESC while in fullscreen mode shuts pSX!

You don't need to do anything particular. At the point once the game asks you to insert the next CD, load it exactly the exact same way you would load the next game.

It's possible that pSX can return a blank screen when you attempt to swap discs. Give it a few minutes until you determine there may be a problem. PSX may even come back an unhandled exception error. That is tricky to troubleshoot–read my section about the unhandled exception error. If you're having too much trouble, then consider switching to ePSXe.

Ripping your own PSX game CD into ISO

These days we've got 1 TB hard drives, mobile devices, and notebooks without a CD-ROM drive. All such devices are reasons for you to rip your PlayStation 1 games (if you refuse to obtain them from a ROM site). PSX games also run better & quicker via ISO, as opposed to playing with them via a CD-ROM drive. These directions will explain how you can rip your game CD. Especially, it is going to be ripped to"BIN/CUE". It is a frequent type of ISO format.

Download & install ImgBurn (it is free). You can download ImgBurn in the ImgBurn homepage.

*If you've got an anti-virus such as AVG, it might flag ImgBurn for containing adware. Do not panic – it doesn't include adware!
This warning is untrue. All that ImgBurn does will show you ads during the install wizard (which is the reason AVG falsely flags it).

Upon opening ImgBurn, click Create picture file from disk, as shown here.

Make sure the proper source drive is set in"Supply", then click on the Read icon – as exhibited here.

That's it!

Save states

Save states is a feature that saves the specific place you're in any sport. It's possible to take advantage of this attribute
manually by going into the Run menu or from fast keyboard shortcuts.

Obtaining a country: To capture a rescue state go to File > Save state. Enter a name for the save and click on Save. Or press the Enter key right after you type a title. When re-saving a rescue, you can save it as the same title to replace/update it.

Loading a stateTo load a country you previously saved, go to File > Load country. Select the save you want to load and click on Load.

Pro tip: If you're playing a game which has in-game economy (such as an RPG) I advise that you use both save in-game and states saving to save your matches.

To manage your memory card and also copy/move/delete saves are the exact same exact way as you can on the real thing. The following instructions will guide you to the memory card management display.

Open pSX. If you set up the BIOS, pSX will input the BIOS display automatically. It's the very first thing it does each single time you open it.

In the BIOS main screen, select Memory Card.

Now you're in the memory card management display:

This is the screen where you can deal with your memory card conserves. You would do this precisely as you would on the real PlayStation 1 method.

Finding PSX ISOs

Inside my links page, I have some excellent links to sites where you are able to download PlayStation 1 ISOs. If you want to try to find more websites than what's in my set of links, just Google around.

Q: Can I transfer my memory card file into another PSX emulator?

Unfortunately, no. PSX does not use the MCR format for memory card files, that's the format which additional PSX emulators utilize. And pSX save nations definitely can't be transferred since save countries are always exclusive to the emulator that it came out.

Q: pSX isn't saving anything!

If you're using pSX for the very first time and you're finding that you have these problems:

Save countries are not working. You save a country, then when you try to reload it happens.

When you save your game at a save point and close/re-open pSX, you find that the rescue is lost.

Plug-in configurations that you changed aren't saved. When you close/re-open pSX, you have to make those configuration changes again.

Then your problem is that you have pSX at a read-only location in your PC. You must move pSX into some more common location such as Downloads, Documents, or even a folder in your desktop.

Q: pSX gives me'unhandled exception' mistake!

PSX may give you this error:

  • Unhandled exception.

This can be pSX's catch-all mistake so it might indicate any number of issues. I will tell you is that the matter is the most likely video related.

  • Then attempt pSX again.

Ensure that your video card has the latest drivers. Sort the version of your video card in Google, followed by"drivers" to see them. After installing your latest drivers, then restart your computer and try pSX again.

In case none of the above troubleshooting steps helped resolve the'Unhandled exception' error, then I would assume that pSX is not fully compatible with your PC. I suppose try using ePSXe instead.